About Our Team

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Cinnamon with quality, craft, precision and passion.

Meet our dream team that makes it all possible with their quill magic and contagious smiles. We are constantly on the lookout to expand out Savour Route family to add more greatness to our vision and economy! 

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Our in-house supervisor ensures that the team meets responsibly, accurately and diligently. She is NVQ Level 3 qualified and has been working in the cinnamon industry for close to a decade. In addition to that, she is a lovely, hardworking mother saving her compensation for her daughter’s education.

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One of our scraping experts, and she is passionate about all things medicinal! She’s the first to be near anyone who needs medical attention at our factory—First-aid Queen. She is now the sole earner for her family. Her spare time entails spending time with her kids and playing cricket!



When it comes to cinnamon trunks, Wathsala is a real pro. She’s also an avid reader and a style enthusiast who spends most of her earnings on books and clothes while supporting her mother’s medical needs as well.

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Championed the mastery relating to the rubbing machine. She is the sole operator of the machinery due to her ability to operate with the highest level of accuracy.  Her husband works in the incidental industry of local gem mining, so she is the only stable earner for her family.

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Has been an industry expert for close to a decade. She's highly skilled in peeling delicate grades such as Alba and C5 Special. This process requires a lot of experience and critical thinking, and she combines her wits and NVQ level 3 qualification to elevate her performance. She is one hard-working soul with highly impressive working ethics records. Her joy surrounds spending on her one and only child, including providing him with a place to live.

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Entered the cinnamon industry at the age of eleven and has been processing cinnamon ever since then. He inherited the techniques from his uncle and was relocated to Rathnapura after the tsunami adversely affected his previous residential area. He made Rathnapura his new home and continued his passion for cinnamon.


His family consists of him, his parents, four siblings, his niece and nephew. Also, this fine young man spends all his free time talking to his girlfriend, Dinu.

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has been working in the cinnamon industry for the past ten years. She is a passionate soul who wants her cinnamon quills to be of supreme quality with no room for defects. 


She is the sole supporter of her son, who performed very well in his GCE O/Ls and is now pursuing a career in IT. Her life goal is to witness her son succeed in the IT industry.

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Hardworking mother with a teenage son and daughter. While her husband is at home taking care of the kids, she fills the shoes of her family's sole earner. She dedicates her earnings towards her family, especially for the kids' education.

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one of our sophisticated quill makers. She is the sole operator of our cutting machine, which requires extreme patience and attentiveness. She is also well versed in the grading and bailing department.  We are glad to be in the company of such a confident woman who loves everything culinary—her rice and curry are the ones to drool over!

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