Authentic Ceylonese Cinnamon

Savour Route produces authentic Ceylonese cinnamon with quality, craft, precision and passion.


The innate goodness and exotic taste of Ceylon cinnamon continuously inspire us. Team Savour Route aligns its endeavours towards producing cinnamon spice, of brilliant quality, with utmost precision and craft.  

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A Tale of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the rarest, ancient and most precious spices in the ancient world.

The art of processing authentic Ceylon cinnamon dates back to centuries when the Ceylon cinnamon quill was perfected. Now, the mastery is followed by the current generations and will be by the ones to come. This unique processing method, its flavour and medicinal benefits have made Ceylonese cinnamon a national treasure.


Featured Products

Sustainably and ethically sourced organic cinnamon that's produced meticulously with love and craft.

Cinnamon serves everyone with multiple benefits that range from health, beauty, food, medicine and many more. Our products are made bearing in mind the many uses of cinnamon. Scroll below to select the one that fits your purpose.

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Dream Team

Crafting menus that are tailored to your personality and brand with a seasonal selection of locally sourced produce and our unique decorative touch.

Meet our dream team that makes it all possible with their quill magic and contagious smiles. We are constantly on the lookout to expand out Savour Route family to add more greatness to our vision and economy! 

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What Our Clients Say

"For a year we have been cooperating with Savour Route
We and our customers really like the quality of cinnamon.
Also I would like to note the high level of professionalism of the team, especially Ms. Senuri. Serious approach to business. Always prompt communication. I would like to wish further development and prosperity to Savour Route

Mr. Alex - STK Russia

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